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A MUM-OF-16 has revealed that her children’s names aren’t the ones they were given at birth.

Tiffany Nelson and husband Benji spent 23 years expanding their brood, welcoming up to two new children a year at one point. 

Known as Not Enough Nelsons to their three million YouTube subscribers, the children’s names all fit a specific framework. 

Most of the monikers end in an “ee” sound, such as JourNee, LiLee, SaiDee and NayVee. 

As the couple adopted nine of their children, they changed their names to ensure they fit in with the rest of the family. 

The first child Tiffany and Benji adopted was their 24-year-old son, who was a toddler named Kuzovskin Vladimir Alexandrovich at the time.

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They changed his name to Bridger Nelson, a moniker he has kept ever since. 

Soon after, the couple adopted a little girl named Kukleva Ludmila Valentinova. 

Now also 24-years-old, she goes by JourNee Nelson. 

“We are a big family of 18,” Tiffany says. “We always get asked if they are all ours. 

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“Seven are biological and nine are adopted, so yes – they are all ours. 

“We sure love each one of our 16 kiddos.”

The couple's children are KennaDee, 26, KassaDee, 24, Bridger, JourNee, Trey, 22 and Jaine, 20.

After that, they adopted six biological siblings, now known as LiLee, 17, SaiDee, 15, Luke, 14, DeLayNee, 12, ElleCee, ten, Beckham, eight. 

LiLee was adopted at three-years-old with the name of Lilly Anne, while SaiDee was adopted aged one with the name Kenadie. 

ElleCee was originally named Kelly, while Luke was called Payton, DeLayNee was called Kenley and Beckham was named Tuff Knight. 

The ninth child that Tiffany and Benji adopted was 15-year-old NayVee, who was called Unique Destiny as a baby.

The couple also share their biological children PaisLee, 12, PresLee, ten, and Ledger, four. 

According to Tiffany, whether her children changed their names is one of her most asked questions. 

The huge family lives in a castle-esque home in Utah, US, with each child having their own bedroom. 

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The mansion is spread across three floors, with the ground floor home to a kitchen, dining room, living area, outdoor chill out space and several bathrooms.

The 16 kids and parents all live on the upper two levels, but there's also a home gym, huge dressing room and a home office.

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