I'm a mum-of-eight and a gentle parent – my kids swear A LOT and others judge me for it but I don't care

IF you are a parent, chances are you've probably been told by others that there could be some improvements in how you raise your children.

This mum-of-eight, whose pronouns are ''they/them'', is no exception.

The therapist, who has over 325 thousand followers on the social media giant, claimed people always troll them for taking mental health days off school.

As well as letting the children stay at home when their mental health is low, the parent also added: ''My kids curse.

''A lot.''


In their household, they shared, the family doesn't follow traditional gender roles and self-expression is also encouraged.

After going viral with over 844 thousand views, they uploaded two more videos of the parenting habits and beliefs that cause controversy.

''They do NOT have to sit on Santa's lap.

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''Their body, their choice,'' they explained, adding that ''it goes for just about everything.''

''They don't have to hug/kiss anyone unless they want to.''

As well as not following any traditional gender roles, ''gender identity is 100% up to each individual child.''

When it comes to school, grades are also of no importance: ''Effort is what matters.''

Fellow parents couldn't agree more: ''The fact that people take this things as controversial is just messed up…

''its literaly the basic things to do as a parent.''

One mum commented: ''I swear, as a fellow mum, I agree with every single thing you’ve mentioned in all of these.''

Another parent shared: ''I am also trying to let my son decide if a class is worth his best effort or not worth the time to him.''

''Same Santa rule for my kids,'' revealed a dad.

''My kids also are told they don’t need to hug or kiss relatives.

''You can say no.''

''YES!! Same here w/our 6 kids!'' one parent wrote.

''I can't believe people have an issue with it.

''Our kids are straight A's, happy & healthy, so what's the problem!?''

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