I’m a mum with 10 kids – trolls say it should be illegal to have this many children and demand I go on birth control | The Sun

A MUM has been brutally trolled for having ten kids, with people demanding she goes on birth control.

Karissa Collins, believed to be from the US, is a mum to a massive brood – Anissa, 13, Andrae, 12, Annistan, ten, Anjalie, nine, Andersyn, eight, Aynjel, six, Ansyr, five, Anchor, three, Anthym, two and baby Armor, the latest of the kids to join the huge family.

But whilst there has been discussion about the monikers picked for the kids – with people even comparing one of them to a ''hemorrhoid ointment'' – the mum has recently come under fire for another reason.

This time, as the family's Instagram page revealed, Karissa was trolled for having so many tots and teenagers.

After sharing an adorable clip of the brood-of-twelve together, Karissa was met with huge criticism, with trolls coming for her.

Not only did some insist the family had ''too many kids'' but that it should also ''be illegal'' to raise such a large bunch.

Others, meanwhile, blamed the parents – Karissa and her partner, Mandrae.

One Instagram user, for instance, said that the mum should seriously consider some type of contraception.

''Lady !! You need birth control.''

Another demanded: ''Stop making kids.''

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''Pull out game weak!'' someone else wrote.

However, although Karissa has not yet revealed if the family is planning to grow even more, she did share a cryptic message on Instagram.


''I’ve seen video after video of women announcing they’re done having babies and are now able to raise their children.

''And I’m here to encourage you that you can leave your womb open and still raise your children.

''You can keep bearing children all while raising your other children.

''One day your womb will close.''

A few weeks ago, she also posted a heart-warming ''thanks'' to her hubby, praising all his hard work and dedication on Father's Day.

''He’s the best father to our ten children! He works ALOT and he works hard yet still makes time with them his top priority [sic].

''He is invested in their interests. He doesn’t just sit on the couch and watch TV but he gets up and plays with them.

''He is patient. He is affectionate. He is present. He is loving. He is incredibly motivated and hard working. He never sleeps.''

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She went on: ''He is the first to wake and last to go to bed.''

The mum regularly posts videos of their massive brood together, with the family content winning them more than 922k fans on Instagram.

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