I’m a nurse – people tell me my scrubs are ‘too tight’ but they’re haters, I love how I look in my work uniform | The Sun

WHILE getting dressed for an average day, one healthcare worker prefers snug-fitting scrubs to loose, baggy ones.

But her ensemble has earned some raised eyebrows and biting snark from people who don't think it's doctor's office-appropriate.

Even though Gema Delgado loves her job, she'll take any opportunity to make a shift even better.

The nurse posted a video about her controversy-causing uniform staple.

Posing in front of a mirror, Delgado quoted a piece of feedback she hears regularly: "Your scrubs are too tight."

Luckily, TikTok had a sound clip ready to go that could respond for her.

As Delgado turned and flexed her glutes, the clip played.

"I do it to separate myself from poverty-stricken individuals like yourself," the voice shrieked.

"Let me be, please!" Delgado added in the video description.

Commenters were quick to come to her defense, agreeing that the trolls' comments were out of place.

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"I believe they fit perfectly," one fan confirmed.

"Thanks for your service," said another healthcare worker. "Gets boring in the clinics."

A third said Delgado's scrubs fit her in a Goldilocks way: that is, "just right."

One commenter had a theory about the real cause of the snarky commentary.

"The person who said that is probably mad that they don’t look that good in scrubs," they mused.

Others were certain it wasn't the scrubs themselves that caused double-takes.

"You'd look good in anything," a commenter noted.

Another person agreed, encouraging her to ignore the criticism.

They wrote, "No matter what you wear, people would be offended because you have curves."

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