I’m a pet expert – the real reason your dog only shows affection to your partner, it’s not because they hate you | The Sun

GETTING the cold shoulder is never fun – especially when the snub comes from your beloved pet.

But experts said your dog isn't ignoring you because they hate you, so don't take the social slight personally.

According to pet pros at The Dog Snobs, there are a number of reasons your dog may choose to snuggle next to your spouse instead of you.

It can be as simple as differing personalities, the pros explained. Think about how your disposition compares to your partner's and your dog's.

"Are you the one to always wake up and rise first? Perhaps you are the one to walk the dog early in the morning," the pros wrote.

"A pup with a sleepy disposition may not like that, especially in winter," they added.


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If you're a particularly mobile sleeper but your partner stays stone-still all night, your dog might prefer to curl up with the steadier spouse.

Or, you and your partner could have a dynamic similar to parenting: one of you is "fun," while the other is focused on "rules," which has an effect on your dog's behavior.

"It just so happens that if your partner were the one to associate with vet visits and leashed walks, and you are the one with treats and cuddles," the experts wrote by way of example.

If you're the member of the household who has to administer flea medication, don't be surprised if your pup clings to your partner instead.

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There's also another reason your dog might prefer someone else in the home – and it's something unique to the species.

Your diet, drinking, and smoking habits could all be driving your dog away or attracting them to you.

The reason? Your lifestyle has an impact on your smell, and if your dog's sensitive sniffer doesn't like your aroma, they might avoid you.

"In people, this could be perspiration or a result of alcohol, smoking or other diet issues," the experts wrote.

Though it probably seems unfair, in some cases, your dog may be put off by your natural scent, or even change behavior based on your hormones.

"Dogs have an acute sense of smell and will try to avoid an odor they don’t enjoy," they explained.

There's no way to know for certain why your dog might seem to "like" your partner more, so the best thing you can do is be patient and calm, the experts at The Dog Snobs wrote.

"All you can do is play your part," they said. "Perhaps try to win them over with more attention and time, and enjoy the moment."

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