I'm a pro cleaner – three products that are a waste of money, I especially regret buying the first | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has revealed the three products she thinks are a waste of time and money.

Neither of them came out well from her appraisal but the first on her list did especially badly.

This lady has done the time when it comes to household cleaning and has worked out what works and what doesn't.

She's distilled her list to three that are big fails and should not form part of your household cleaning armory.

Clean Snob cleaning specialist (@cleansnob) has 83,000 followers.

“Pro cleaning tips help you save time and money,” claims her TikTok remit.

In this post, she confessed to her viewers, items she will not be returning to.

“Three things I regret buying. Waste of time and money," she said.

First up was the Scrub Daddy toilet cleaner, which she described as "gross."

She showed why she thought it was disgusting and it was stomach-churning.

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"It doesn’t scrub and it definitely doesn’t get under the rim. It’s just money down the drain."

This toilet tool was not fit for purpose, she figured, as she watched the tip flush away: “Look, it disappeared."

Next up was the silicon Magic Brush. It was another failure for her.

“The theory is you’re supposed to put the cleaner in the brush and it squirts out.

“It does, but I don’t like the silicon. It doesn’t get under the rim either. It leaks a lot.

"There’s a reason why there’s a tray because it leaks," she wrote.

Finally, it was the turn of a special attachment for the vacuum.

“I got this ceiling fan thing that’s supposed to just suck off the dust.

“Well, as you can see it doesn’t really suck off the dust. In fact, it didn’t fit. That didn’t work. [Another] waste of money," she said in her final verdict.

Commenters were grateful for her feedback.

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“Ooh, glad I went with the Clorox toilet brush instead of Scrub Daddy," said one person.

While a second said: “I was curious about the Scrub Daddy one, now I’m not. Thanks for sharing.”

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