I’m a professional housekeeper – the £3 supermarket buy which will get any stain out your sofa | The Sun

A CLEANING pro has revealed how to remove stains from your sofa after realising people have been doing it completely wrong. 

The professional housekeeper took to her social media to share the hack with viewers, explaining that it’ll leave your sofa smelling fresh too. 

“Housekeeping tip!” she first declared. “Use Oxi Action to remove stains from your couch!” 

She then poured a small amount of the powder into a yellow bowl before filling it with water and mixing it together. 

Dipping a yellow microfiber cloth into the mixture, she then placed it flat on a surface.

TikTok user @theamateurcleaner then put a pot lid in the middle and wrapped the yellow cloth around the handle. 

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Using this makeshift tool, she wiped down the surface of the sofa with smooth up and down motions. 

She then dumped the water she squeezed out into the yellow bowl, where viewers could see it looked dirty and gross. 

Luckily, Vanish Oxi Clean is just £3 from Waitrose – making it an ideal solution to cleaning the sofas at home while on a budget. 

People were also impressed with the hack as many flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

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“Thanks for the tips of house to clean your house and what detergents to use,” one person wrote.

Another asked: “Will it work on mattresses?” to which she replied: “Yes!” 

A third questioned: “Will it put the colour out?” as she responded: “No!”

“Absolutely swear by OxiClean for everything!” a fourth shared. 

While a fifth added: “This stuff is pure magic.” 

According to Vanish, the best way to get rid of stains from carpet and upholstery is to spray their Carpet & Multi Fabric remover on the sofa and leave it for five minutes (max).

You then need a clean, absorbent cloth to blot the area with. Repeat this “as many times as necessary”. 

They add: “Always check the label on your sofa – if it’s velvet, brocade or unsuitable for wet cleaning, you should refer to a professional cleaner.” 

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