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MOULD has been plaguing many households this winter, luckily there are some brilliant solutions to tackle it on the cheap. 

Many Brits have struggled with rising energy bills and the cost of living in recent months. 

And temperatures have already plunged to as low as -6 already this January. 

The cold weather has caused more than usual to have problems with mould, damp, condensation and other issues this winter. 

The National Association Of Property Buyers has warned of the tragic consequences mould infestation, amid approximately 4.7 million private renters have battled mould issues at their homes in the past year.

Luckily, there are lots of cheap tips and tricks you can give a try to try and tackle these problems within the home. 

Spokesperson Ivan Ivanov of End of Tenancy London provided some tips on how to safely remove and prevent mould whilst also protecting yourself from the health hazard.

This includes naming the number one ingredient to get rid of mould that you probably already have in your cupboards. 

He said that baking soda is one of best ingredients you can use to help get rid of the musty smell of mould.

Ivan explained: “Baking soda is completely safe for humans and pets, is moisture absorbing and it acts as a deodoriser. 

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“The latter helps to remove that musty smell mould can leave behind. It has a high pH that inhibits the growth and survival of mould, however, remember baking soda cannot eradicate the bacteria entirely and is less effective on porous surfaces.”

Baking soda is currently just £1.60 in Tesco, and is available in most supermarkets.

Another ingredient he recommends is white wine vinegar, another ingredient easy to get hold of on the cheap. 

Ivan added: “Due to white vinegar’s acidic nature, it kills mould on porous and non-porous materials easily by slowly breaking down the structure.

“Incorporating sodium bicarbonate, or salt as a scouring agent can enhance the removing power. However, it is not safe to use on some surfaces such as natural stone, cast iron or aluminium, and waxed wood because of its acidity.”

However, onto things you definitely shouldn’t be doing to try and get rid of mould, he said you definitely shouldn’t just paint over it. 

“Mould will eventually become visible because paint is just a wall covering.

“It will soon reappear on the surface after growing into the paint; even if you keep painting over it, the spores will still release into the air and disperse throughout the house. It is merely a short-term solution and won't completely eradicate the mould,” he warned. 

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Of course, mould and mildew sprays are very effective too: “Anti-mould spray is a simple and effective way to remove mould and any remaining stains from your surfaces. 

“They work great for mould suppression, prevention, contents, rooms, and appliances.”

Ivan said they also eliminate odours, disinfect surcease and have been formulated for indoor use.

This means there are no health or allergen issues for concern.

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It’s important to look after yourself when tackling mould too, with the expert concluding: “Mould is considered a ‘silently fast killer’, touching and inhaling mould spores can trigger extreme health problems

“Therefore, wearing a mould safety mask is extremely important and even using gloves when coming into close contact with the bacteria.”

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