I'm a proud catfish but men say my glow-up is the reason they have trust issues

A MAKE-UP lover, who calls herself ''Catfish Queen'', has taken social media by storm with her incredible transformations.

However, despite her talent, Whitney Kait says that there are viewers who claim she's the reason ''why men don't trust women''.

''Guys get so pressed when I post,'' she captioned one of her many impressive make-up transformation videos.

Responding to an online troll who said: ''goes from -1 to a 1o because of the s**t they cover up,'' Whitney, whose TikTok name is @muawk, shared a make-up look that sees her with a stunning forest green eyeshadow, a perfectly blended contour and a matte taupe lipstick enhancing the final result.

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To all the online trolls who are convinced women use make-up to 'look good' for men, a viewer settled the debate once in for all: ''We do it for us 🙄💅🏽''

''We don’t wear make up because of them we were to feel good and we don’t wear makeup to cover up our beauty we wear it to enhance are beauty,'' someone else added.

Another beauty lover couldn't seem to understand why some men were so confused: ''Well duh did I spend all this money and time to look the same 🤨''

The commenters then went on about what some men do that gives them trust issues, like this one: ''I can't trust some boys I have old men that stare at me and my sister when we are swimming and playing on the swings and I find it uncomfortable.''

''I don’t trust men because I might not make it home. How unbalanced is this 🙄'' is how another woman summed it up.

Meanwhile, this woman also calls herself a 'proud catfish' and never hides her fake teeth.

On the topic of catfishes, this woman went on a date with one – he now sends her texts daily and wants her to meet his family.

And a man fell in love with a woman who catfished him for seven years – ''I don't know what to do''.

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