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A SAVVY mum-of-five has revealed that every fortnight, she makes and freezes a huge batch of sandwiches for her children’s packed lunches.

Samantha Lee Woods explained that by making her kids’ lunches in bulk, she is able to save herself a lot of time and money.

The busy mum took to social media, to share a clip of her making a huge load of sandwiches.

She said: “So this is how I make fortnight's worth of sandwiches ahead of time for my children's lunch boxes.

“I freeze them and they always defrost beautifully, as if they were made from fresh bread and my children have never complained once. Not about the sandwiches, anyway.

“So I lay it [the bread] all out, I know exactly how many sandwiches I need for the fortnight for each child. They don't just have sandwiches every single day.

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“I have a main meal menu item for their lunch boxes and it's written on a piece of paper inside my pantry, so I know how many Vegemite sandwiches, how many peanut butter sandwiches and how many chicken sandwiches I need for each child to last us throughout the fortnight.”

The mother explained that she finds it much easier to match her children’s lunches in bulk and not only this, but it saves her money in the long run too.

She continued: “I really like doing it this way because before I started doing it this way, I would always find that I needed to make sandwiches and I never had fresh enough bread.

“Then I would have to go out to the shops to get the bread and I would have to get money and it was just a real hassle.

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“Not to mention I would have to go through the whole process of making sandwiches in each flavour for my children to be able to pack lunch boxes.

“This way, it's all done ahead of time.

“It may take me about 20 minutes to do this, but it saves me so much time and so much money when it comes to packing their lunch boxes on a daily basis.

“Definitely worth it.”

Once the bread was buttered and stuffed with each filling, Samantha added: “So I just wrap them in cling wrap and then I write the child's name on it so I know that they're getting their correct flavour preference, because they can be fussy.”

She later confirmed: “Making sandwiches ahead of time is a GAME CHANGER. It saves on both time and money. 

“I used three and a half loaves of bread and it cost me around $13 [£10]. I buy the most delicious bakery bread as it freezes and defrosts so beautifully. 

“I won't have to buy bread again for a fortnight now because I bake bread rolls the rest of the time.” 

Samantha’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @tidy_tired_treasured, was shared just two days ago, but has quickly amassed a staggering 208,200 views.

But social media users were left divided at Samantha’s sandwich routine – while some thought it was a great idea, not everyone was as keen.

One person said: “Yes! They taste fresher, especially in summer. Frozen bread is better for you, especially if you’re a Diabetic. Lowers the GI.”

Another added: “Always fresh and beautiful when you do it like this – and great in summer to do it like this.”

A third commented: “This is such a great idea!”

However, at the same time, someone else shared: “My mum used to do this, it absolutely traumatised us. Summertime the bread would be soggy from the condensation in the bag winter frozen in the middle.”

A second chimed in: “Yep no thanks I'd rather spend 5 minutes to make fresh ones.”

Whilst another user posted: “I can absolutely bet that they do complain, just not to you. they are going straight in the bin for sure.”

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To this, Samantha confirmed: “Fortunately for you I'm not a betting woman because you are wrong, they don't go in the bin because only the crusts remain in their lunchboxes.”

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