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A SHOPPING pro has lifted the lid on the sneaky ways IKEA encourages customers to spend big money in their stores. 

And they’re very sneaky and clever indeed – even borrowing one tried and tested tactic from casinos.

A marketing expert unveiled IKEA’s secrets in a social media video titled ‘4 secrets used by IKEA to make you spend the maximum amount.’ 

And the first secret is all to do with where the store is located.

TikToker @bumanjiexplore explained: “You may have already noticed but IKEA stores are always located outside of cities.

“The reason is simple – it forces you to take your car and spend time on the journey.

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“All of this pushes you to make the most of the trip at any cost – even if it means buying things you didn’t necessarily intend to.”

The second trick IKEA seems to have opted to use in their stores is a genius one.

@bumanjiexplore continued: “IKEA stores have no windows and never display the time, and this is intentional.

“It erases the sense of time and makes you forget that you might have better things to do than spending hours looking at furniture.”

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And it’s a guaranteed success as it’s borrowed from casinos.

The man went on: “This strategy is so effective that it is also used in casinos worldwide to keep players inside and extract more money from them.”

The third trick is one IKEA shoppers may have twigged onto in the past – the addition of pencils and paper dotted around in some stores.

The social media user said this is because customers begin to jot down product numbers of items that have caught their eye.

In doing so, they “subconsciously prompt you to stick to that list.” 

While he concluded that “the fourth and final secret [is] the IKEA effect” and what the shop is built on.

Revealing more, @bumanjiexplore explained: “The principle is simple – selling furniture for self-assembly.

“What’s remarkable is that these models were designed to exploit a well-known cognitive bias now known as the IKEA effect.

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“This cognitive bias is straightforward. We assign more value to objects that we have actively participated in creating – making us willing to pay a higher price to experience that sense of pride.”

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