I'm a style pro & there are three necklaces that look tacky – the popular star sign jewellery needs to go for starters | The Sun

A STYLE expert has revealed which three necklace trends to give a miss if you want to elevate your appearance – and it's bad news if you're into star sign jewellery.

Style pro Antonia Higham, from the UK, took to TikTok to reveal which popular accessories will only make you look cheap and tacky in an instant – and what to wear instead.

According to Antonia, who was once all about neon dresses and latex outfits, the high street offers a wide range of necklaces that are best avoided at all costs.

One of the styles you will certainly not catch the pro wasting her money on is the on-trend look with your star sign in a dainty print.

Although they might be all the rage if you're into horoscopes – and Mystic Meg – Antonia gave this jewellery a big fat ''no''.

Another viral accessory trend the style pro deemed tacky and cheap-looking was layering several necklaces on top of one another.

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Loved by celebs and influencers trying to achieve a more Bohemian look, this, sadly, had also made it on the ''Ditch'' pile.

In Antonia's eyes, piling on multiple necklaces of different lengths and styles would not make for an elegant aesthetic.

The same, she revealed in the clip, applied for the so-called shell necklaces that have gone viral on social media, particularly amongst teenagers.

Although you might want everyone to know you've just returned from an exotic beach holiday, the pro advised to opt for another alternative.

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Instead of forking out for these trends, Antonia urged to stick to a more classic design that will never go out of fashion – a timeless piece, such as a dainty pearl necklace.

However, whilst the style guru might avoid certain looks herself, she reminded that there are no rules.


''Wear what makes you happy,'' Antonia wrote in the comments, adding her favourite jewellery was ''definitely pearls''.

The video, posted on her TikTok page, sparked quite the debate, as not everyone agreed with her thoughts.

One style fanatic hit back, saying: ''I wear the shell one every day.''

Another reckoned: ''To me pearls scream grandma.''

Someone else chimed in: ''Second one is elegant but stack must be well thought out.''

''Pearls Make me look 75,'' a TikTok user insisted.

''White gold, sterling silver, diamonds and dainty necklaces are my go too, don’t like gold jewellery & was told to only wear pearls in your 30s,'' a fashionista shared.

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