I'm a teacher & I don’t set ANY homework for my class…I used to and it’s a massive regret

HOMEWORK has always been quite the controversial subject.

While some parents highlight the importance of creating a healthy learning environment at home, others argue that it places too much pressure on kids.

But now, a teacher, from the US, has offered her view on the debate – and it may just surprise you.

In a short video shared to TikTok, Nikki explains: "I used to assign lots homework."

Then, I became a mum and saw how much homework became a burden the whole family carried."

She adds: "I no longer assign homework. Home time is family time."


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And Nikki's comments caused quite the stir online – with very mixed responses.

"This should be the standard," enthused one.

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A second agreed: "Homework does nothing but stress out kids and their families."

A third penned: "Homework has one purpose. To condition kids to expect they will have to work outside of contracted hours."

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Wish more teachers did this."

I just want to spend time with my kids and we are rushing to get homework dinner and showers done to get to bed on time."

However, not everyone was in complete agreement.

"Homework is fine, but no when it takes HOURS to do. I have a niece who can spend anywhere between 2-5 hours doing homework because she’s overloaded," one person noted.

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Another wrote: "I understand maybe be a little light on the homework I believe it’s still important dep on the age that way parents also have an idea of where their kid stands at school.

Maybe bonding time also…"

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