I’m a thrifty mum-of-four & always keep birthdays cheap – the kids still get tonnes of gifts thanks to my savvy savings | The Sun

BIRTHDAYS can be expensive.

And if you're a mum of four, things can definitely add up.

However, Aylin Eastman has some top tips for how she keeps the costs down for her daughters.

Aylin took to TikTok to share a video explaining her money-saving tricks, revealing that she's spent just over £66 for her daughter Rosie's fifth birthday this week.

"Obviously we have four girls to buy for throughout the year, so we do try to save money where we can," she explained.

"When I asked Rosie what she wanted for her birthday this year she asked for a Rainbow High doll.

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"They never really ask for things for their birthdays so I did decide to get what she’d asked for.

"This was £23.99 from Smyths."

That was the most expensive thing in the birthday haul.

Next up, Aylin showed two bargains she'd picked up in the sale at B&M – a hair stylist kit and a 'Work from Home' set, both of which were £3 instead of £12.99 each.

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Showing a cute kitten Squishmallows toy, Aylin continued: "We do buy second hand, we go to boot sales a lot, and also charity shops, Facebook Marketplace etc.

"I know not everyone buys presents secondhand but we don’t mind. I got her this Squishmallows toy from a boot sale – she’s been asking for a Squishmallows for a while – and this was 50p.

"Obviously the Squishmallows new of this size can vary between £20 and £40."

There were some clothing bits among the presents – a Frozen dress that was reduced from £18 to £8 in Asda, and a T-shirt that was just £3 in the sale.

"She’s got a Disney Rapunzel dressing up dress," she continued.

"This was one of our biggest bargains of the year – we bought this at a boot sale and it was 20p."

Aylin also picked up two Barbie sets for her daughter for £5 each, as well as a LOL Surprise doll which was reduced from £20 to £4.

"She’s got a Real Littles backpack set, which was something she’s had before and really enjoyed," she added.

"These are normal between £5 and £10 each and I got this one for £3 in an Aldi SpecialBuy."

As well as another doll, Aylin also picked up a Barbie campervan from a boot sale for just £5.

"These retail for about £100 each," she said.

"It’s got all of the accessories with it. We’re just going to give it a clean up now before we wrap it up.

"She won’t mind that it’s second hand at all – she will absolutely love that."

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"Buying all year round definitely saves us money in the long run, so that’s what she’s got for her birthday this year," Aylin concluded.

Captioning her video, Aylin revealed she'd got the whole lot for £66.19, adding: "Buying all year round and buying second hand means they get more toys and we get more for our money so everyones happy."

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