I'm addicted to munching on drywall – I'm literally eating myself out of my home

A WOMAN has revealed that she has destroyed her home and put herself at risk of cancer thanks to her addiction to eating drywall.

Nicole, 26, from Detroit, Michigan, has been munching on the walls of her own home, as well as friends and family homes for seven years.

The single mum’s addiction began after an innocent nibble on a piece of chalk.

Speaking on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, she said: “I switched from chalk to dry wall because dry wall tastes better to me. 

“I love the smell of drywall, the texture of it, the taste, I love everything about drywall.”

Nicole now chows down on stuff six times a day, and has eaten 93 square metres in total over the past seven years.

Her addiction spiralled out of control when her mum died five years ago.

She says: “Nobody knows about my addiction to drywall it’s made me very embarrassed and I am ashamed because it’s not food 

“I am worried that eventually I will get sick but at this point I don't  really want to know what’s in drywall. 

“My addiction is at its worst and it’s time for me to stop but I’m not sure that I can stop.”

Drywall contains fibreglass, acid, and silica which can cause allergic reactions, diarrhoea and cancer.

After confessing her addiction to uncle Gordon, Nicole seeks medical help from a doctor.

The doctor links Nicole’s cravings to when she’s feeling anxious, and warns that continuously consuming the material could lead to blocked intestines and cancer.

But luckily Nicole has no symptoms of this – leading her to vow to end her addiction. 

She says: “Now that I know what’s in drywall, and all the things it could do to me, it was a real wake up call. 

“I want to be there for my son, I want to be there for him, I don’t want him to see me get sick knowing that I could have prevented it.”

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