I’m an appliance expert and there’s a reason why your freezer is filling up with frost – and how to fix it | The Sun

EVER wonder why no matter what you do your freezer always seems to be full of ice?

It can be pretty annoying and time consuming to have to defrost everything – but it turns out there's an easy way to tell where the problem is coming from.

According to appliance expert Renae, when your freezer is full of ice it's usually frost, which is slightly different for a few reasons.

She reacted to another video where a woman revealed how jam-packed of ice her freezer is to make her point.

Does anyone else have this exact same f***ing problem? Because I'm getting sick to death of this," the homeowner said in the clip.

Luckily, Renae offered some clever advice and explained how you can tell if it's ice or frost you're dealing with.


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"Frost is what happens when humid air freezer," she said on Instagram, "and that is because those water molecules are suspended in air, and air is a gas, and the molecules are further apart, when they freeze they're a little fluffier.

"So when this happens in your freezer it is always because there is an air leak."

Unlike frost, ice in your freeze is caused by water freezing – it will be more solid than frost.

So, if your freezer is full of tough but fluffy-looking ice it's probably actually frost, and you can tell were the air is getting in by looking for the spot with the most frost.

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In the case of the woman's freezer, she noted the ice "trying to push out" along the top of the freezer.

"There's your air leak, probably from a door gasket not sealing," the pro explained.

After sharing the helpful advice on social media people praised the pro for her guidance.

One commented: "Thanks so much for that info. I also find that people stuff their freezers too full and this pushes the door open and frost starts."

A second agreed: "It's always because it's too full!"

"My freezer does this and I've always wondered why, time to check my door seal," another commented.

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