I'm an eye doctor – the three make-up trends I'd never try… and why permanent eyeliner is at the top of the list | The Sun

IT can be fun to try out makeup and beauty trends, but not all of them are good for your skin or health.

That's why optician Alexa Hecht, from Toronto, Canada, shared three she'd avoid at all costs.

Posting on TikTok, Alexa noted that she'd never get tattoo eyeliner.

Sure, it might save you 10 minutes in the morning and make your lashes look a bit thicker, but it's not worth the risk as far as Alexa's concerned.

She said: "This eyeliner can actually cause damage to the meibomian glands we have along our eyelids that help produce oil into our tears.

"This can lead to pretty severe dry eye."



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Heated lash curlers should also be avoided, Alexa explained, as well as applying any heat to your eyelashes in general.

Although your lashes might hold a curl slightly better with heat it can also cause them to "thin and break off," the pro noted.

Not only that, but it can "lead to burns on the front surface of the eye," which is the last thing any beauty fan wants.

So, ditch your high-tech lash curler, and definitely don't bother heating up your metal one with a hairdryer.

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And finally, Alexa said she would never use products to whiten her eyes.

Having a bright white, sparkling eyes sounds nice, but in reality products that claim to do this can "permanently enlarge the blood vessels, making your eye appear more red than before," Alexa explained.

John A. Moran Eye Center ophthalmologist Amy Lin, MD agreed whitening eye drops should be used with caution.

She told University of Utah Health: "There's a real rebound effect, and your eyes can become even redder than they ever would have been.

"Plus, nearly all of these eye drops contain preservatives that can be toxic to the eye's surface when used repeatedly.

"I think they are fine for very sporadic use—maybe if you are getting your picture taken or for an interview or something like that, but definitely not for daily use."

Other beauty fans agreed the trends aren't the best idea in the comment section of Alexa's video on TikTok.

One said: "My heated curler broke my lashes so I agree with that."

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But another commented: "My mum has tattoo liner and has never had any problems."

"I hade no idea eye whitening drops were a thing," another wrote.

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