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DECORATING your home comes with a lot of important decisions, but none are quite as vital as the colour of paint you chose.

Not only does the colour matter, but the way you uses it is just as important it turns out.

According to interior designer Phoenix Grey there are some painting myths that you shouldn't fall for when decorating.

Myth one: Dark paint will make the room look smaller

"This is only partially true," Phoenix quipped.

He explained: "If you're committing to a bold and dark accent colour, or even for your entire room, make sure you carry that paint all the way to the trim, up to the ceiling regardless.

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"I will make the space look larger and taller."

You can even add the same paint colour to the actual ceiling for a really dramatic look and it will still make your room look bigger, not smaller.

Myth two: All trims should be white or stained wood

The skirting boards in your home and wooden door frames as well as other trims might usually be painted white or are kept as a stained wood, but that doesn't mean they have to stay that way.

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"It's a very safe way to go, I have nothing against it," Phoenix said.

He added that there are loads of more creative and stylish things you can do with them, like painting them a darker colour.

Painting the trim of the doors or even the doors themselves creates a bold accent which is way more dynamic in your space," the interiors pro explained.

Myth three: Bright colours will brighten dark rooms

"Having a vibrant colour in a room is a beautiful way to brighten it," Phoenix said.

"But if it's a dark room with little to no natural light it's going to look very jarring.

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It's going to create more shadows in your room making it look much smaller."

The best way to bring brightness to a dull and dark room is through lighting.

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