I’m an optician and I’d NEVER get lash extensions, even if it was a one off – what I've seen will put you off for life | The Sun

AN EYE doctor has warned people against getting lash extensions after seeing the same medical problem occur countless times. 

Dr Alexa Hecht, an optician based in Toronto, Canada, explained that there are three make-up trends she would never do as it could harm her eyes. 

The first absolute no from her is eyelash extensions. Sharing a snap of an example where it’s all gone terribly wrong, she said: “This is a photo of eyelash extensions with tonnes of bacteria and even mites on them. 

“Even if you’re cleaning these every day, you still have a higher risk of having bacteria on your eyelashes.” 

Second on her list of trends to avoid is one that many women have been doing for decades: waterlining your eyes. 

Dr Alexa explained that everyone has oil glands that sit all the way around the eye, directly where you would apply your make-up. 


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“Every time you do that, you’re blocking these glands, which can lead to a stye and even dry eyes,” she said. 

The final trend on her list is one that’s blown up in the last few years as she said: “I would never use lash serums that contain prostaglandin.

While TikTok user @dr.alexahecht admitted that they do generally work to lengthen the eyelashes, they can “have side effects of darkening your eye colour and darkening the skin around your eyes”. 

People were shocked to learn about some of these points and flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

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“Not me watching this with my extensions on,” one person wrote, clearly worried about the health of her eyes. 

Another argued: “I made sure to clean my lash extensions with lash shampoo and a brush everyday, and then brush out and dry them. Never had any issues!” [sic]

A third asked: “I wanted extensions for kids wedding, safe if I take them off the next day?” [sic]

While a fourth admitted: "That first picture terrified me. Luckily, I don't do false lashes or lash extensions."

Others argued that they’ve “never” had an issue with using eyeliner on their waterlines before, while another group of people begged for some recommendations on lash serums. 

And some were left stumped by the knowledge that you can darken your eye colour… 

“Wait, I can darken my eye color?” one person questioned.

Another asked: “Is darkening eye colour bad?” with a sad emoji. 

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“I have serum. Is the darkening skin around eyes really a bad thing?” a third quizzed.

While another confessed: “I mean i hear you… but I’m still gonna do all three,” followed by a laughing emoji. 

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