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MAKING do with little space can be tricky, and sharing that space is even more difficult.

When it comes to organizing the freezer, expert Shavonne on TikTok gives three tips to help revamp and reload to achieve a cleaner look.

Step One: Remove Packaging

Oftentimes, big boxes and bags that food come in are twice the size of their actual contents.

To minimize clutter, take all food out of their original containers.

Step Two: Re-bag

Next in the video, Shavonne demonstrates that in order to better stack and organize, all food should be stored in plastic bags.

Bags are easy to fit and mold perfectly to the size of an item.


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This should be done with freezer bags.

Step Three: Label and Date

Finally, every bag should be labeled with the type of food inside and the expiration date.

It is important to remember to label everything with the correct information now that the original packaging is gone.

When it comes time to placing items inside, it's up you.

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In the video, Shavonne finishes off her freezer by putting all meat on the bottom shelf.

For a little extra organization, you can section off your freezer by type of food.

A space that may have once felt like a black hole, can now be easily navigated.

With labeled bags and a lack of large boxes, you no longer have to rummage around to find what you need.

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