I'm dumpster-diving queen & I went to check out what's behind Lululemon – I was surprised by what I saw nearby | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the incredible finds she stumbled upon whilst rummaging through bins outside Lululemon.

Ella Rose, better known as GlamourDDive on TikTok, is not afraid of getting her hands dirty – she regularly checks what retailers have chucked away outside their stores.

It seems that her efforts have certainly paid off, as she's come across heaps of high-end items, such as designer perfume, bags and trainers.

One of her most recent trips saw the rising social media sensation, from the US, head to the popular gym apparel retailer, Lululemon.

As always, Ella, who has over a whopping 1.1million fans, was armed with a camera and filmed the process of going through the dumpster.

There were plenty of clear plastic bags but after opening one of them, the bargain fan found a pair of leggings, as well as a reusable Lululemon bag in black.


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Speaking of the grey bottoms, Ella insisted these weren't damaged,

''They could be like a customer return or unused. They don't have any tags on them but they're not ripped.

''They're definitely Lululemon's,'' she zoomed in the logo.

But that wasn't it – after rummaging through the bins a bit more, the young woman found even more goodies – piles and piles of designer sunglasses' cases.

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Amongst these was a chic black one by Versace, as well as Coach and Michael Kors.

''Most of them still have their original packaging inside, which is crazy,'' Ella noted, adding that these can be resold online for profit.

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But whilst many just like the dumpster diving queen were stunned by the finds, others urged the woman to be more careful.

''we throw out product that is unsanitary or a biohazard at lululemon!'' one employee exclaimed in horror.

Someone else agreed, adding: ''You should wear gloves just in case!''

''I used to work at lulu and they’re strict on what to do with returns and stuff – if we ever threw items away it was bc [because] they were unsanitary,'' a third warned.

''Literally worked at Lululemon and any trash we threw away was NOT worth diving in… never saw us throw away actually clothes,'' a fellow shop assistant penned.

Dumpster diving has become all the rage recently, and one mum who also refuses to pay full price is Callie, from Colorado.

She's so keen to find goods, she'll even take her toddler to rummage through bins.

''I like to save a lot of money,'' said the 28-year-old stay-at-home mum.

And to spend as little as possible, Callie makes daily trips to the local recycling dumpster.

Here, to have an extra pair of hands, the mum-of-three also brings her toddler son with her.

''I don't care how many dumpsters I get in, we're gonna find that coupon.''

The duo's hard efforts have definitely paid off, as the family-of-five now boasts a stockpile of a whopping 3,500 items.

Amongst these are 165 bars of soap, 500 razors and 1,500 bottled beverages, such as energy drinks and vegetable juices.

''Any kind of drink you can think of, I can get for free,'' she chuckles.

Speaking of her penny-pinching methods, Callie said that there is a stigma that couponing is the same as hoarding.

''But what they don't understand is that we're providing for our family.''

As last year Callie's husband, Jacob, got accepted in a prestigious engineering programme, the family suddenly became dependant on student loans – and without couponing, they wouldn't be able to survive.

''Right now we're completely broke,'' she says.

''There definitely is pressure on me to coupon because if we want to eat that night, if we want a home-cooked meal, it's on me.''

To make life easier, Callie now stores her stocks of coupons in different categories – meats, snacks, bread, canned goods and so on.

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The mum-of-three also took viewers on a trip to the store to prepare for a large family gathering.

Armed with what looks like a never-ending list of coupons, not only did Callie manage to get various food and drink items at a bargain price, but also had the store giving them a voucher worth more than £80.

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