I’m fat and think my fupa is irresistible – trolls say it puts guys off but I’ve never had an issue snatching a man | The Sun

SHE'S no stranger to showing off her curves on social media.

And while cruel trolls have insisted that Olivia is putting men off by showing off her fupa, she insisted in a video on TikTok that she's never had an issue getting a man.

In the clip, Olivia sported a black crop top and matching cycling shorts as she danced around.

And she wrote over the top: "I might have a big ‘ol butt in the front but I’ve never had an issue snatching a man."

"This fupa is irresistible," she added in the caption.

Fupa refers to the area below the belly button, and stands for "fat upper pelvic area".

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People were quick to comment on her video, with lots praising her for her incredible self-confidence.

"No wonder you don't have trouble getting a man, it's because you are freaking STUNNING girl.. absolutely beautiful hun," one wrote.

"You are so beautiful and confident I wish I had half of what you have you truly love yourself and it shows," another added.

As a third insisted: "I have your exact shape, like we could be twinning, and yup never had a problem finding me a man either!"

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"My fupa has never let me down," someone else commented.

But others weren't quite as complimentary.

"Nah," one wrote simply.

While another added: "It’s easy to take pics from above the neck."

"That’s not an achievement," a third moaned.

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