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A MONEY-SAVING whizz has revealed how to shop cleverly to ensure your food shop doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

With costs soaring, millions of Britons are on the lookout for more tips and tricks to help with their finances – and one guru has come to rescue.

The pro, better known as Kat Saves on TikTok, said there are multiple ways to slash the total of your bill when shopping for food.

Buy loose

Number one tip, she revealed in her video, was buying fruit and veggies without expensive plastic packaging.

Not only is this better for the environment but will also help with saving cash.

''We all know buying loose is so much cheaper than buying in the packaging.

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''This onion literally cost me just 11p.''

Scan and go

A lot of supermarkets have introduced a scan and go system – and Kat urged her 14.7k followers to not sleep on it when shopping.

''This is a great way to save money because you're keeping track of what you're spending as you go.

''You can remove items and there'll be no surprises when you get to the till.''

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Reduced section

According to Kat, who regularly shares money-saving advice on social media, reduced section is full of bargains.

But as tempting as it may be to bag just about everything in your sight, the savvy shopper reminded to only get the items you need.

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Bigger pack, better value

When it comes to better value for price, more often than not it's best to buy a larger pack.

''Obviously, this doesn't for everything but just check out the price label,'' Kat urged.

''Oftentimes, the bigger packet is a lot cheaper and a lot better value for money than the smaller packet.''

For instance, a 340g packet of sage and onion stuffing costs £3, making it £8.82 per kg.

But if you were to buy the same product in a smaller packet of just 85g, a kilogram of this would cost you a whopping £15.88.

Own brand

Kat's fifth tip was to not sleep on supermarket's own brand.

''Why not? We all know it tastes the same. Juts get the own brand versions – it's always cheaper .''

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Get the app

The savvy shopper also advised her fans to get the app for every single supermarket to ensure you don't miss out on any perks.

''Basically, you get points, you get discounts, you get special offers.''

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