I’m plus size and I hate bras so I’m just not wearing them anymore – all you need is tape to keep things in place | The Sun

A PLUS size fashion fan has revealed why she decided to stop wearing bras and what she uses instead. 

Fashion fan Iris Belin says she decided one day she didn’t want to wear bras anymore. 

In a TikTok video online: “Today I realised, I finally hit the age. Why I don’t want to wear a bra anymore.”

“I put a bra on and I was like nope. I took it off”

Iris explained she found an alternative to wearing bras, Iris uses body tape.

The fashion fan said:  "I just put the tapes.”

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Iris explained she found this more comfortable as wearing bra's all day cause her pain.

She said: “Because baby no…. it hurts here.”

Iris' video quickly gained over 129,000 views, with viewers desperate to know what brand of tape Iris was using. 

In a follow up video Iris confirmed she uses Brassy bra tapes which are able to hold her size DD bust. 

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She said: “It is heat resistant, I have left it on for 24 hours and it hasn’t come off, the more you sweat the more it sticks it the craziest thing.”

“But when you apply it you can't have any lotion on or it won't stick.”

She said: You can still see the outline but I don't give a d*amn."

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Many viewers were supportive of Iris’s decision not to wear bra’s saying they too were going braless.

One user said: “I didn’t even know this was an option. You’re telling me I can just be comfortable?!”

Another said: “Yes ma’am!!! I do the same thing!!! I love!!!

A third viewer said: “I felt this with my soul!”

Some viewer said they were jealous of Iris saying the busts sizes were too big to go without a bra.

One user said: “I've wanted to try this so bad but don't know if they will hold.”

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I’m known as the girl with a rump at the front – I thought it was unusual

Another said: “Girl mines would be on the floor even with those! I’m scared to put my sugamommas out there…yours looks sooo perfect lol”

A third viewer said: “Sports bra and bralettes are my best friends.”

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