I’m proud to be plus size – real men love me and I know the real reason some women are so rude about my body | The Sun

A WOMAN has opened up about the things she has learned being plus sized – and not all of them are nice.

TikTok user Jess revealed that when it comes to dating, “boys will love you” but “men will love you out in the open.”

On her @tallglassofjess account, she added that women also treat her differently.

She explained: “People will project their body insecurity onto you.”

Jess said that it is vital that you choose the right friends when you are plus sized.

And it’s better if that includes having a close group of plus sized pals too.

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The TikTok user explained: “Keep a group of boss ass plus sized babes around you.”

Her video has racked up thousands of likes and many people rushed to the comments.

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One said: “thank you for always reminding me to love my self.”

Another added: “you literally are beautiful! I am plus size myself and struggle with my image, LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS VIDEO.”

And a third commented: “thank you I needed that.”

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