I’m the world’s tightest millionaire – I live on cat food and cold showers to pinch every penny despite being worth £4m | The Sun

A TIGHT millionaire afraid to part with any of her enormous wealth buys cat food instead of tuna as it is 25p cheaper.

Aimee Elizabeth, who starred on the show Extreme Cheapskates, takes pennying pinching to the next level despite having millions in the bank.

She also takes cold showers in a bid to save on her water bill.

Aimee, from Las Vegas, is thought to have an eye-watering net worth of $5.3million (£4.4million), but still scrimps and saves.

On the TLC show, Aimee – the self-confessed "world's cheapest multi-millionaire" – was seen giving her ex-husband Michael Murrey a can of tuna meant for cats.

As she fed it to him, she whispered: "I just saved 30 cents (25p)".

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Speaking on the show, one of Aimee's friends revealed: "One of the times I noticed Aimee was a cheapskate was [when] I came over to her house and she asked me if I wanted lunch.

"So I said, ‘Sure’. She makes me a tuna sandwich. As I’m eating the sandwich I’m thinking, ‘This is a little fishy, what is this?’

"And then I looked on the countertop, and I noticed there were empty cat food cans. I thought, ‘No, she didn’t do this."

Aimee also revealed on the show that she takes cold showers to claw back $80 (£66) a month on her water bill.

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The penny-pincher also uses kitchen sponges until they are ragged.

Showing one off, she said: "This is my one sponge. Some people might think it’s a little nasty.

"Until it’s falling apart and rotting, I don’t see any reason to throw it away."

Aimee said she has strict discipline and works hard to stay well below a monthly budget of $1,000 (£800).

By refusing to buy anything new, she says she manages to save a whopping $200,000 (£160,000) annually.

Her home is plush, but that was left to her by ex-husband Michael when they divorced.

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