I’ve already stocked up on Christmas pyjamas for next year thanks to Primark's sale – they were only 3 quid | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has shared that she has already stocked up on Christmas pyjamas for next year.

So if you’re looking to save money where possible, you’ll need to listen up.

We’re sure you’ve already got a huge list of items to buy ahead of December 25th, but if you’ve got everything prepped and ready, why not start to get prepared for next year?

Particularly if you've got children, you'll need to listen up.

Thanks to Primark’s epic sale, one bargain hunter was able to get herself prepared for next Christmas, as she managed to get her hands on festive nightwear on the cheap.

So if you thought you couldn't love Primark any more than you already do, it's time for a re-think.

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Thrilled with her finds, Claudia Amy Lane took to social media to alert other shoppers.

Posting on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, a private Facebook group with a staggering 2.3 million members, Claudia shared a picture of her Primark haul, alongside a snap of her receipt, proving that the Christmas jersey pyjamas were indeed just £3 a pair.

The money-saving whizz then wrote: “Bargain at £3 each.

“Next year's pjs to put away.”

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It’s no surprise that Claudia was thrilled with her festive pyjamas – the long sleeved red set, complete with Christmas trees, stars, avocados wearing Christmas hats and cheeky-looking snowmen.

Perfect for a little darling in December, not only did Claudia nab two pairs of the reduced pyjamas, but she also got her hands on two Grinch headbands as well, which were also reduced down to only £3. 

Claudia shared her post just 20 hours ago, but it has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly amassed 120 likes. 

Social media users were impressed with Claudia's reduced buys and were eager to express this in the comments.

One person said: “These are the ones I am wanting to get. Hope they have some left.”

Another tagged a friend and added: “Might have to see if anything in ours.”

Whilst a third tagged a family member and commented: “To get and put away.” 

At the same time, someone else penned: “I did this last year, my son grew a ridiculous amount and they didn't fit. Just don't feed your kids too much or put a brick on their head.”

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In response, Claudia claimed: “I don't have that problem with mine, he’s 4 almost 5 and still in some 3-4 clothes slowly just going into 4-5.”

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