I've small lips so tried a £48 automatic lip plumper to see if it'd change my pout and the results were surprising | The Sun

WITH the rise of Kylie Jenner’s make up brand, big lips became all the rage. 

And although some have fought against the trend it still stuck.

With many fans over lining their lips for a fuller look. 

Some people decided to make the look more permanent with lip fillers.

One make up fan confessed she wanted fuller lips but wasn't ready to fully commit with fillers.

Instead she found a special device to plump up her lips.

Erin Dugan Jurchak is a make-up fan with over 2.5 million followers.

In a recent video she decided to test a £48 automated lip plumper to see if it could help her get a fuller lip look without overlining her lips.

Erin said: “You can never say that I don't try weird sh*t for you guys”.

Erin said she had been given a lip plumper and wanted to see if it works.

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She said: “This is called the Lip Gizmo from a brand called Beambo. They sent this to me.” 

“It’s supposed to make it look like you got lip filler.”

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Erin confessed: “And I love a juicy lip, I’m a chronic overliner. I use every lip plumper on the market. Honestly I probably would get a little bit of lip injection if I wasn't deathly afraid of needles in my face.”

“So maybe this will work, we're trying it.” 

Erin explained how the device worked.

She said: “So you’re just supposed to lick your lips and put your lips in here for 30 seconds.” 

“There’s three levels of power.”

“Okay I wasn’t ready, why did I turn it up to 11? I need level one.” 

After trying the lip plumper it was clear that the device had made a difference.

Erin said: “I mean it works.”

Erin’s video gained over 1.9 million views.

Many viewers felt the make up fan didn’t need to try out the automated lip plumper.

One commenter said: “DID WE NOT LEARN ANYTHING from when people were using water bottles, during the Kylie lip injection era, to make their lips bigger?!??!”

Others felt the lip plumper looked similar to another vibrating device.

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One commenter said: “Ummm, are we not saying the thing it looks like?????”

Another commenter said: “Ok but is it a lip plumper or a LIP plumper? Just asking…”

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