Khloe Kardashian’s Trainer Gunnar Peterson Has a Genius Motivation Tip

Khloé Kardashian’s dedication for hitting the gym and working out shows in the results of her toned body, but what are those of Us who are more likely to hit the snooze button than go to a workout class supposed to do to get motivated? 

Kardashian’s trainer, Gunnar Peterson, sat down with Stylish on Thursday, July 25, at an exclusive Good American workout class at his Beverly Hills studio to dish on the simple (and fashionable) ways you can inspire yourself to get off the couch.

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“If you really want to get yourself fired up, get a new outfit, get something that makes you feel great. That should jump-start anybody, even the most committed couch potato is going to go after it,” Peterson revealed.

Luckily for Us, the 35-year-old Good American designer (which she co-founded with Emma Grede) offers tons of chic, affordable options great for all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and look sexy in while hitting the gym.

“Khloé has been there and she can relate. She knows when people come to her that she’s had those feelings and that she’s been in their shoes. … People know that if she’s done it, that they can do it too,” he said. 

Some tips to get yourself going other than sporting a cute activewear get-up: “Think past the present,” the celebrity trainer recommended. 

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“Don’t think about now, think about where you want to be and think about what fires you up in your life.” 

Once you’ve made the choice to workout, there are some exercises you can do to get a body like the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. (Think lots of hip bridges, squats, lunges and anything that focuses on your upper and lower body in a sequence.)

“When Khloé was jump-starting this whole thing, she was here six days a week,” Peterson said. 

“Our motto is ‘get in, get after it, get out’ and it’s written in the garage. I look at it like, ‘If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready,’” he explained.

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“It’s not about, ‘Let’s get my beach body ready right now.’ It’s about ‘Let’s start working all the time and then when I hit the beach, whether it’s in the summer when everybody else does, or if I take a beach vacation during Christmas time, or if I end up being whisked on a romantic weekend in Cabo in February or October,’ you’re ready for that beach any time,” he said.

If you can’t make it to the gym as often as the reality star, Peterson suggests maintaining an active lifestyle that works for you. “I want my clients to do something every day, but it just depends on what you can fit in,” he explained.

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