Louis Vuitton Releases a Monogrammed Ping-Pong Paddle Set Costing More Than $2,000

If you need an early idea for a Halloween costume, Designer Forrest Gump just became a little more plausible.

Louis Vuitton just released its newest offering for table-tennis lovers who have a little more to spend: the Ping Pong Set James, which retails for a cool $2,210 on the brand’s website.

The product listing calls the two-paddle set — featuring canvas, leather and wood elements — “ideal for travel,” and includes a holder for the balls.

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Additionally, the set comes complete with “an exclusive cover crafted of masculine Monogram Eclipse canvas, accented with an LV Circle medal.”

The luxurious set is only the latest in luxe recreation-based products introduced by Louis Vuitton. In January, the French fashion house unveiled designs for a pair of logo-clad wireless earbuds that are retailing for nearly $1,000.

The $995 wireless Horizon earphones are offered in four colors — black, white and red monogram, or the consumer can purchase the designer audio players with the iconic “LV” stripes and add their initial emblems, just like the coveted handbags. Each earbud also comes with a stainless-steel charging case that provides 10 hours of battery life.

The high-end brand teamed up with the New York-based audio company Master & Dynamic on the headphone designs that have 3½ hours of listening time for one charge, and volume controls on one of the earphones for easy adjustments while on the go.

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