Lush has launched its Christmas Snow Fairy line including a bubblegum bath bomb for a fiver

LUSH has relaunched its festive Snow Fairy range just in time for Christmas.

The cruelty-free store announced the return of its popular pink collection, which smells like bubblegum.

  • Snow Fairy bath bomb, Lush, £4.95 – buy now

The store said: “She's back! Snow Fairy has fluttered down from the saccharine skies once again, bestowing us with bubblegum sweetness and candyfloss concoctions.

“Each year, after a period of hibernation, the snow fairies emerge.

“Unfurling delicate silver wings, they shimmer with the excitement of a new festive season as they dance their fairytale waltz, releasing swathes of rippling lustre into bubblegum pink waters.”

There are a range of Snow Fairy goodies to choose from, including soap, body conditioners and highlighters.

  • Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel, Lush, £8 – buy now

  • Snow Fairy bubblegum bath, Lush, £8.50 – buy now

  • Snow Fairy Soap, Lush, £4.50 – buy now

The collection starts from £4.95 for one of Lush’s infamous bath bombs, and goes up to £30 for a Snow Fairy gift set.

The trendy bath time essentials are also looking festive, with snowflakes and stars decorating the bars.

Fans can pour bubblegum powder into their tub to turn their bath pink, or mould bath bombs into festive designs before letting them dissolve.

But the range is limited edition, so you’d better be quick.

  • Snow Fairy Flow Stick Solid Highlighter, Lush, £12 – buy now

  • Snow Fairy mouldable candy floss bubble, £8.95 – buy now

Plus Lush has launched a new conveyor belt of bath bombs for Christmas – and it looks incredible.

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