Mrs Hinch fan shares snap of her immaculately organised cleaning cupboard and people are calling it a slice of heaven

A MRS Hinch fan has shared a snap of her immaculately organised cleaning cupboard which people have compared to everything from ‘heaven’ to ‘porn’

The woman shared a video showing off her Hinched cupboard, which she’d arranged in adorable pink boxes from Dunelm. 

She’d sorted storage out in the cupboard with some £2 Ikea shelves, called Algot,  revealing all that was left was to add on-trend labels to her boxes. 

Her fully stocked cupboard has dozens of cleaning products all lined up, including one box for all the varieties of The Pink Stuff and Mrs Hinch’s other favourite, Elbow Grease. 

And at the top of her cupboard she’d even neatly arranged all her loo rolls.

She shared a clip of her organised cupboard to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, saying: “Still need to label the boxes up but I’ve saved SOOOOOOO much kitchen cupboard space by doing this!!

“And I have a few pink stuff and elbow grease because I use it the most and it runs out fast in this house.

“The labels help because the top shelves I can’t really see in to and the order I’ve forgot already. 

“I saved space because in this cupboard was just piles of stuff and now the shelves give way more use to the cupboard and it’s freed up a whole kitchen cupboard to make a snack cupboard.

“Tubs help to organise which products go together for which room so I’m not routing through all kinds.”

This the equivalent to a fridge full of beer for a man

Her sorting skills have earned her more than 800 likes, as people were inspired to add a splash of colour into their kitchen.

One person said: “That is one hell of a cleaning cupboard though, if only. I only have under sink area, and nowhere near enough room for it all.”

Someone else wrote: “Omg I loved this too .. my kitchen tomorrow?”

A third said: “I never thought I'd see the day where I can say the sentence… your cupboard looks soooo pretty.”

Someone else praised: “My dream cupboard.” 

This woman thought: "I love those pink boxes. I need to get some."

This person commented: “This the equivalent to a fridge full of beer for a man. It's lovely.

And this fan added: “This is ur idea of heaven.”

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