Mum claims she 'can't relate' to parents who need time away from their kids – but others call her 'toxic' and 'judgey' | The Sun

A MUM has sparked a fierce backlash online after insisting she "can't relate" to parents who need time away from their kids every now and then.

Amanda took to TikTok to share a video of herself hugging her son, as she wrote: " I don’t relate to women who need time away from their kids.

"I’m obsessed with mine and if they can’t go, I’m not coming. "

But people in the comments section didn't hold back with their responses to the clip.

"It’s giving toxic mother in law vibes," one wrote.

"This feels… judgey," another said.

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"I love my daughter. I love being with my daughter. She is practically my favourite human.

"But Lord yes, I need a break sometimes."

"You can be obsessed & still need a break bestie lol," a third commented.

"I feel like that’s unhealthy?" someone else said.

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"I’m a bedsharing, EBF, baby wearing crunchy mama but I need an hour to myself too."

While another mum reasoned: "I LOVE my kids more than life itself.

"But, in order to keep loving them that much a little break here & there is needed for me."

"This feels… judgy," someone else wrote.

"Like… even top professionals say parents and kids need time to grow SEPARATELY."

However, others understood where Amanda was coming from.

"This is me," one wrote.

"Honestly I'm the same, my daughter will go to her grandparents house and after like 2 hours I'm ready for her to come home," another added.

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