Mum hailed a 'genius' for tricking son, 6, into thinking £1.50 Aldi body wash will stop him having tantrums

WHEN your little one is in the middle of a raging tantrum (often for no reason at all), most parents will do anything in their power to put an end to the screaming.

But what if there was something you could do to actually prevent them in future? You know, which doesn't involve giving your child everything they want 24/7.

Well mum Jacquline Baker has come up with the perfect solution – and it only involves a little white lie.

Posting on the Facebook group The Motherload, the mum explained: "I feel evil but also like a genius at the same time."

While she was using Aldi's £1.50 mango hair and body wash on her six-year-old son, Jacqueline noticed the "no tears or tantrums" promise near the bottom of the bottle.

She wrote: "I told him this is magic and it stops him having tears and tantrums and he believed me.

"This morning before school he said: 'Shall I wash my hands in that stuff to stop me having tears and tantrums today?'"

And naturally, Jacqueline wasn't going to go and correct him now, was she?

She added: "I've figured even if it doesn't work, I can encourage him to go wash his hands in it.

"When I can see him getting wound up which then the distraction of going to use it will stop the tantrum and he'll think it's because of the wash."

  • Mango Kids Hair and Body Wash, £1.49 from Aldi – see here

The post racked up over 1,000 "likes" from other members of the group – and impressed mums hailed her a "genius".

"Going to the shops today and getting this," one replied. "This will deffo work for my mini me!!"

Another added: "That's very clever and if it works it's a massive bonus! Great little distraction, plus you know he WANTS to then wash his hands haha win-win I say."

Meanwhile, a third suggested: "Some of the best advice I’ve been given for dealing with tantrums is to ‘add water’ be that a drink, water play or popping them in the bath. Seems to work most of the time! Know it’s my calm place too."

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