Mum reveals the five different cries every baby has and how to know exactly what they want

ONE of the most challenging things about being a mum with a newborn is trying to understand exactly what it is they want and need.

But one woman has revealed the "baby language" all young bubs use to communicate with their parents which she claims consists of five different sounds which all mean something different.

Mum Tay Becker shared the news on her TikTok page and revealed it's known as the Dunstan Baby Language.

Admitting it will "blow your mind" the mum said: "There are five main sounds babies make and all you have to do is listen for the sounds to figure out what your baby needs."

She then went on to demonstrate the five different cries using her own tot as an example, and they are sounds most parents will certainly recognise.

First up, if they make a "neh" sound when they cry it often means they are hungry.

It's often slightly louder then other cries, and we totally get it because we aren't happy when we're hungry either.

This cry varies from a softer "owh" sound which usually indicates they are tired, according to the method created by Priscilla Dunstan, the "baby listener."

Another sound will indicate if the baby feels "gassy" and it's usually a "eair" sound.

This is less of a cry and more of a breathless squeak, if you like, and it's certainly identifiable.

Similarly, the "eh" sound lets parents know if bub needs burping, as Tay shows in her video.

And finally, an "heh" sound, with an accompanied look of discomfort, often indicates that the bub is feeling uncomfortable so it might be a sign you need to re position them.

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