Mum shares simple hack for getting three pizzas to fit on one oven shelf & people are hailing it a game-changer

HAVE you ever had the struggle of trying to fit numerous pizzas onto one shelf in the oven?

Instead of overlapping the cheesy treat, a mum has shared her genius trick of maxing out her space and squeezing THREE on one level.

The savvy woman shared a photo of her pizzas chopped into halves so all of them fitted at the same time. 

She wrote on the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas: “Mum hack. Get 3 pizzas in your oven, all on the same shelf by cutting them in half while still frozen!  

“Easier to cut and you can rearrange them better! Leaves a shelf free for those fries or wedges!  

“Perfect for those who have larger families like myself!”

She added that the dough or toppings don’t sink in the middle if using her frozen pizzas, but added fresh pizzas may require a flat tray so they don’t dip. 

The hack may seem obvious but many parents said they didn’t know what they hadn’t thought of it before. 

One wrote: “So simple. Yet I've never done it!”

Another added: “Omg game changer why have I never done this?!? Great tip!”

Meanwhile, a pizza restaurant’s note on door goes viral after staff find homeless people eating from bins outside.

And people are putting kiwis on pizzas and food lovers have been calling it an ‘abomination’.

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