Mum shares simple trick for organising your medicine cabinet – and it’ll make life easier in an emergency

THE state of our medicine cabinet varies from household to household, but a cramped and chaotic cupboard or drawer is more often than not the norm.

But in a bid to quickly find exactly what she needs in an emergency, an Australian has revamped hers on a budget and it's so incredibly organised.

It didn't take much effort either, or expense for that matter, as the womanused budget boxes and labels to create her functional space.

Her cupboard previously appeared as many medicine cabinets would – cramped, messy and no way of knowing what's actually there.

Before the mum re-organised the space, she said she'd "knock things over" every time she'd attempt to grab the hard-to-reach supplies.

So the mum bought bamboo drawers, labelled them and divided the medical supplies between them – a super simple yet effective method.

Now she simply "takes one box down" and can easily find what she is looking for within seconds.

The boxes are labelled according to what the medicine is used for, including'pain relief' and 'throat'.

While others are arranged and labelled as per the patient's need, such as for 'mum' or 'dad'.

"What a difference, yes I did throw out some out of date items but love the fact we can take out one box at a time, rather than take out one item and have everything else around it fall out," she said on Facebook, where she shared before and after snaps.

The mum-of-three admitted to being "embarrassed" over the state of her cupboard "before" the transformation – but other mums reassured her it was fine.

I love the fact we can take out one box at a time, rather than take out one item and have everything else around it fall out.

Despite this, her new-look cabinet impressed other mums who praised her for her efforts and "brilliant" idea.

"Awesome idea. I bought too many of these. Now I know what to do with them," one person said.

And another said: "Your before looked good! Not embarrassing. But great to have a sorted system now."

"I was thinking 'what’s wrong with the top picture, it looks neat enough", then I saw the second one. Wow awesome," said a third.

Naturally, others decided they need to copy the mum as they were blown away by the simple idea.

"We should do this so we’re not always running around looking for paracetamol," one mum said, tagging a loved one.

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