Mum who couldn’t find liners for her bathroom bin uses DOG POO bags & they’re saving her a packet in the process

TAKING the bins out is never a fun job but someone has to do it – and sort through the recycling too. 

One mum recently upgraded her bathroom bin, but couldn’t find a bag to fit in after browsing through a few shops, and she didn't fancy tipping out the rubbish into the main bin. 

But she had the bright idea of using dog poo bags instead, which she says fit the bin perfectly. 

She shared her tip to Facebook group Money Saving Hints, Tips and Ideas, claiming the switch has also saved her a fortune. 

She wrote: Bought a new caddy bin for my bathroom and cant find any bin bags small enough to fit. 

“I tried a doggy poo bag and it's a perfect fit.. 

“You can buy a pack of 4 rolls for around £1.00 and a bargain too.”

Hundreds of people liked her idea, with some mums admitting they use nappy bags instead. 

One mum admitted: “Ha, that’s what I use.”

Another wrote: “Good idea thanks !!”

A third commented: “Doggy bags are great, some people also use nappy sacks as they smell nicer.

While this person added: “I do the same but use nappy bags. Cheap, smell nice and I only have to wash the bin once a week. Sorted!”

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