'My experience is it had absolutely no influence on sales' – Kate Middleton's favourite jewellery designer on working with influencers

Kate Middleton’s favourite jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas said that she has never seen a direct correlation between influencer advertising and sales.

Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge has been wearing the same pearl drop earrings by Annoushka since 2012 – sporting them as recently as May 14 – and has a long-standing relationship with the jewellery designer. Ducas may be operating her own eponymous range these days with a higher end price tag to match, but she has lengthy experience is mass market accessories in retail after founding Links of London in 1990.

She recalled how Kate was eyeing up the peal drop earrings at her London boutique and later sent someone to purchase them on her behalf.

“She didn’t buy them at the time, but she sent somebody to get them later,” she told the audience at the Hay Festival.

She admitted to sleepless nights waiting in anticipation if the duchess would publicly wear the earrings or not and after she did, she noticed a “phenomenal” surge in sales.

“She is her own brand and she is internationally well known and that drives traffic from all over the world,” Annoushka said. “People pay influencers a fortune to wear jewellery on the catwalk or at the Oscars but my experience is that had absolutely no influence on sales at all unless it’s somebody like the Duchess of Cambridge.”

Earlier this month, a new study by TK Maxx reported that just 7% of Irish shoppers say they were influenced by social media.

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