My four-month-old baby is so massive he's already in 18-month clothes – people say he'll be adult-sized by seven | The Sun

A MUM has been left stunned by the rate her baby is growing – admitting her four-month-old child is already in 18-month clothing.

Jewel took to TikTok to share a video as she held her baby boy, with the tot's feet down to her waist.

"So far every time I've tried to tell someone, 'Yeah, I think my four-month-old, he's just a bit large, he's a bit big for his age', they're always like, 'Oh yeah, they grow so fast don't they, before you know it he'll be one'," she said.

"And I'm like, 'No, I don't think you understand my four-month-old is HUGE.

"Do you see this? You see this outfit and how cute it is, right?

"This is an adorable outfit on him.

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"I want you to know it's an 18 month outfit.

"Eighteen months. 1. 8. He is four months old right now!"

She added in the caption: "I love it so much but also wasn’t expecting growth at this rate."

People were quick to comment on Jewel's video, with one writing: "Disclaimer: i know nothing about babies… but that's about to be a full grown man by the age of 7."

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"Your baby is growing like the baby in twilight omg," another hilariously commented.

"Get ready, cause the saying 'these kids gone eat me out my house and home' is real!" a third wrote.

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"No but seriously!" someone else added.

"My son was this size at that age and now he’s 7 and 104 pounds almost 5ft tall and I can wear his shoes."

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