My husband is such a cheapskate he even rations our loo roll – I’m only allowed 10 squares a day, it drives me crazy | The Sun

A WOMAN has told how her "cheapskate" husband limits her to just 10 squares of toilet paper a day.

Gabriella explained how her fiancé Barry Cozart, who lives in New York, drives her "crazy" with his extreme money-saving habits.

"To save on toilet tissue, I use ten pieces every day – that's a daily routine," he says, speaking on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates.

"Sometimes Gabriella is like 'no!' and we get into an argument over that and it gets a little petty, but I try and save as much as possible."

Clearly unimpressed by her fella's super scrimping, Gabriella reveals how she gets the ultimate revenge.

"Barry can be so cheap, it drives me crazy," she explains.


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"Barry leaves me with ten pieces of toilet paper.

"Now, my payback to Barry is I'll leave him with absolutely nothing.

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"I'll use all of it – just so he can see how you feel when you're stranded on a toilet bowl."

But despite their bickering over his cheapskate ways, Barry says he knows Gabriella is "the one" for him.

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"Gabriella is the woman for me because she's not too hard on me, she shows me a good time, and I think we're a perfect couple!" he says.

But unfortunately for Gabriella, toilet paper isn't the only area Barry tries to save his pennies.

If he wants a drink, he makes his own alcohol, too.

"One night at a bar, if you buy alcohol and beers, it can run you up to £40-£80 a night," he says.

"All of these ingredients here are no more than £4 – the sugar and boiled sweets make it really sweet and helps to ferment it.

"If I go to the alcohol store and buy real wine, that can be £15 or more so I save a lot from doing this.

"I let it sit at room temperature and there's the alcohol.

Giving it a taste test, he enthuses: "Mmmmm!"

And Barry takes money-saving to the extreme when it comes to date night, too.

Rather than going out to eat, he decides on a way to go out…and then eat.

Driving for as little as 15 minutes can heat a car engine to temperatures of approximately 200 degrees – as much as most oven tops.

So Barry often cooks simple ingredients like eggs on the engine so that he can save on home utilities like gas and electricity.

Viewers were shocked by the revelations and were quick to express their strong opinions on Barry's money-saving ways.

"The guy making alcohol in his kitchen and cooking his girlfriend eggs on a radiator while counting her out toilet paper squares is hilarious," wrote one.

A second penned: "I mean, in all honesty, Barry is the kind of guy that will get you fed through a food shortage or power outage.

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"He’s frugal and resourceful."

A third commented: "He told his fiancée he’d take her out to eat and then proceeded to take her to the middle of nowhere and cook raw eggs on his car engine? Wtaf!"

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