My 'miracle cure' will protect your garden from slugs – and it uses something you already have in your backyard | The Sun

A GARDENING pro has described her remedy for ridding your backyard of slugs as a "miracle cure."

She said her simple method will protect your garden and your vegetables from these pesky invaders.

But first, you are going to have to put some of your own protection on to put her cure into action, because it's a pretty spikey and prickly business.

The Elis Project (@theeelisproject) shared her bug-busting tip on her TikTok.

Her following of over 44,000 and another 502,000 likes consume her “wholesome content loading, gardening, cooking, and sustainable food.”

In this post, she had something new to share with her viewers: “Let me show you an organic, natural way you can protect your vegetables against slugs," she said.

First, find a sturdy pair of gardening gloves, grab some secateurs, and head out into the garden.

“To start," she explained, "find anything that has thorns on it, such as rose bushes or bramble bushes.

“Then cut a long branch off these. Next, take your long thorny ranch and cut off any offshoots."

But don’t throw these away, she cautioned, because they can also be used a bit later.

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She held up the miracle cure: “What should remain is a long, thorny branch. Now for the fun bit," she said as the installation was about to begin.

“Place your long, thorny branch around the vegetables you’re choosing to protect, then grab some pegs and secure this to the ground."

This was a useful tip for anyone who lived in exposed windy areas and wanted to keep their crops free from slugs.

“If there are any remaining gaps, fill in these with the offshoots that you cut off earlier," she wrote.

“And there you have it," she said in conclusion, "natural organic slug protection."

She did feel, however, that the finished effect did look slightly unusual. "A pagan sacrifice for vegetables, but it works. Happy gardening," she said signing off.

Commenters loved her miracle cure. “What a great idea," said one viewer.

Another suggested an alternative slug repelled: “You can also use seaweed. Not only does it fertilize but it also keeps pests at bay.”

Concluding her post, this fan said luck was on her side: “May it work because it looks like a pagan sacrifice. Maybe the nature gods are with you," she said.

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