My mum-in-law refuses to talk to me until I change the name of our baby – she says we owe her an apology for using it | The Sun

A WOMAN has been left devastated after her mother-in-law refused to talk to her over her baby's name.

She took to Reddit to voice her frustrations after her mother-in-law wanted an apology for choosing the wrong baby name

The 33-year-old is expecting her third child with her husband, Scott, 36 and the pair had already settled on a name.

The name they settled on was Eliza Grace, but the pair wanted to keep it a secret until she was born.

Unfortunately, her five-year-old son, Alexander, told her mother-in-law while they were at dinner.

She explained: "I obviously couldn’t get mad at Alexander, as he’s only 5 and he probably forgot that he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone the name."


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As soon as her mother-in-law heard the name she was upset about the choice as she had an 'evil co-worker' with the same name.

She added: "She went on a rant about how she has a co-worker with the same name and that we should change our baby’s name because it would be too confusing to know two people with the same name."

After telling her they wouldn't be changing it – things only got worse.

She then began offering alternative names and demanded they change it.

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The mother-in-law lost her temper when they still refused, saying she wouldn't be talking to them until they changed the name.

On top of that, she expected an apology from the couple for using the name of someone she hates.

She asked Reddit users if she was in the wrong – but plenty thought the mother-in-law was the issue.

One wrote: "It’s your kid, you name it what you want. And it isn’t difficult to distinguish between two people with the same name, especially when one is a baby and the other a grown woman. Keep the name. It’s very cute."

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Another commented: "Sounds like MIL will be gifting you with some quiet time away from her demanding presence."

A third penned: "Let her know unless she grows up she won’t be talking to you guys AFTER the baby is born either."

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