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A WOMAN has revealed that her neighbour’s decision to put up £82k fences in between their respective gardens actually ended up costing HER. 

Maggie McGaugh previously explained that her next door neighbour had chosen to erect posh fences to separate their two properties. 

But rather than splitting the cost, her “wealthy” neighbour offered to pay the whopping $100k – approximately £82k – for the simple black iron design.

And while Maggie, who is on TikTok under the name @maggiemcgaugh, was initially thrilled by the idea and imagined it would look “phenomenal”, it didn’t last for very long. 

That’s because she soon realised that the large fence was made up of bars so you could still see through to each of their homes. 

At the time, the US based woman said: “We were thinking, if you’re spending that much money on a fence, it must be phenomenal.

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“Personally if I were dropping more than $10k on a fence, which is pretty much what everyone has to spend as a minimum on a fence nowadays, I would want to not see through it.

“But he chose to spend this much money on a fence and still be able to see through it. 

“He did concrete on the bottom, and then brick, and then this iron bar – and it’s big,” she said as she panned the entirety of the fence around his plush property. 

While Maggie insisted she was extremely grateful to her neighbour for solely taking on the cost, she’s since revealed she’s had to take action of her own.

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In a more recent clip posted to her social media profile, Maggie returned with the latest installment of the fence saga. 

And she said she’d ended up paying out for privacy screens after realising just how much you could see of their home. 

Filming her newly renovated outdoor swimming pool, Maggie said:  After we got our pool done, we realised our neighbour had a direct view of it, and it was just a little weird.

“So we built a fence in front of his fence,” she continued. 

However, the TikToker was quick to clarify their reasoning, as well as her neighbour’s response. 

She explained: “Before people come at me, he was not upset with it.

I wish it had privacy, [so] we took care of it

“It’s a huge property and we only covered up a small portion of it for privacy.

“And the only part we covered was the [part of] the house that really has no windows – it’s just his garage.

“But for all the people that were saying that I was super unappreciative because I just said I wish it had privacy, we took care of it.” 

And while some said they would have done things differently, others said they had to agree with Maggie.

One of her million plus followers responded: “That would make me feel weird to enjoy my pool with no privacy, so I agree with you.”

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While a second said: “I will never understand putting up a see-through fence! Give me the 8-10 foot privacy fence.” 

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