My 'window sheet' hack will keep your bedroom so much cooler in summer – it's perfect for laundry day | The Sun

THE next time you do your laundry, don't forget to add this lifesaving sheet hack to the list.

If you're looking to beat the heat – especially in the bedroom – you'll want to take note of this trick for keeping cool.

"How do I stay cool in this heat?" the self-proclaimed teacher of what school doesn't teach you, Noah Da Boa (@noahxboa) was eager to share his wisdom.

His first – and free – tip seemed simple enough: "Shut blinds and curtains during the day – it keeps the heat out. Got it."

Next up in his arsenal of not needing air conditioning knowledge, was to place a bowl of ice in front of a fan.

"Woah that's way colder," he remarked as he tried the trick for himself.

He then took things into the bedroom where he removed the duvet from the bedding.

For the ultimate fighting off the heat at night tip this wizard of wisdom explained: "Throw those sheets into the freezer for when you go to bed."

The teacher of life seemed pleased with this trick which definitely didn't leave him freezer burned.

"This is so cold," Noah exclaimed as he felt the freshly frozen sheets.

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He imparted the final step for battling the sweltering summer heat: "In the evening when it does get cooler, open the window and hang a wet sheet over it. It will blow cold air into your room."

He might be a knower of all things home-related, but Noah still poked fun at himself.

"That actually works, but how did you know all this? I follow Noah, he teaches me what school doesn't," he joked.

One follower who was appreciative of the advice agreed that following this wise man was a smart move: "Bro knows everything about everything."

For his part, Noah seemed happy that he was able to help.

"Appreciate you bro!"

Another watcher who wanted to follow along was concerned she wouldn't be able to copy the trick due to lack of space: "Haven't got any room in my freezer."

That was until Noah came to the rescue, that is.

"Just use sheets and wet a towel to put over you when you go to bed,"he explained of his alternative method.

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