New facial tightens skin WITHOUT Botox & it's way cheaper too

FORGET expensive Botox. This facial allows you to tighten the skin WITHOUT injections – and it's way cheaper too.

A radiofrequency facial is an effective anti-ageing treatment, which is especially popular for tightening the face and neck.

We tried the treatment earlier this month at Ysis Beauty, in South London, where they blitz over your forehead, cheeks and chin in just 45 minutes.

And it's way cheaper than Botox too, at £85 for the whole face – compared to between £100 and £350 per area for injections.

During the treatment, radiofrequency heats the area beneath the skin to smooth wrinkles, firm the face and stimulate collagen production.

Achieving full results with 48 hours, it can last for three to six months.

The non-invasive treatment can also target hyperpigmentation, rosacea, scarring, stretch marks, fine lines and freckles.

When you get to the salon, a thick layer of cool collagen cream is layered onto the face.

The beauty therapist then uses the machine – which has smooth, metal ends – to massage your skin.

The machine heats up as it goes and can slightly pinch the skin at times, but simply ask your beautician to take it down a notch if that happens.

Overall, we were thrilled with the results. Your skin will feel firmer after the treatment too, meaning it can help prevent further wrinkles caused by frowns and generally expressing yourself.

We booked the facial through Booksy – a new nationwide salon app which allows you to slot in facials, brow appointments and haircuts with a couple of pushes of a button.

You can now book hair and beauty appointments online in just 10 minutes and the service is available 24/7.

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