New mums go wild after realising what the plastic on the side of formula boxes is really for | The Sun

NEW mums have gone wild after realising what the plastic is for on the side of baby formula boxes.

Gillian Mitchell took to TikTok to tell her followers she only noticed the tiny bit of plastic when she was taking her first child off of formula.

But when she looked closely, she realised that the plastic is actually intended to level the top of the scoop of formula.

"When you are taking your first born off milk and realise that this little plastic part makes the powder level," she wrote.

"I know what to do second time round!"

And she wasn't the only mum to have realised the purpose of the plastic a little too late.

"I was on my 3rd baby before I realised this," one person wrote.

To which Gillian replied: "I don’t feel so bad then lol."

"I used to level it off at top with a knife until I realised," another commented.

It also wasn't the only part of the formula box that wasn't as self-explanatory as manufacturers had perhaps hoped.

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"I didn’t realise for ages that the inside of the lid holds the scoop so you don’t have to fish it out the powder every time," another mum wrote.

But others insisted they'd known about the powder hacks for ages.

"If people read the instructions mine said it there – i was hella shook giving formula and read every bit," one wrote.

And another added: "really are you only finding this out now?"

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