Nobody said pregnancy would permanently change my body – my feet are now TWO SIZES bigger, I’m spotty & my BO is awful

A MUM has revealed all of the ways pregnancy has permanently affected her body that nobody warned her about.

The mum-of-two shared her experience in a TikTok video on her account, rachgist, where it has been viewed more than 800k times.

Rachel, who lives in Mississippi with her husband and two children, posted the video with the caption: "Did any of these happen to you?"

She listed all of the strange ways pregnancy has changed her body in the long-term and how nobody had prepared her for it.

Rachel went on to say her feet had grown two sizes bigger since having her children.

She also stated that she suddenly experienced cystic acne for the first time in her life after giving birth, something nobody warned her about.

As well as this, Rachel suddenly became allergic to citrus fruits.

In addition, Rachel also has much weaker teeth than she did prior to having children and said her body odour has become 'gross' since falling pregnant.

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Other mums who saw Rachel's video could relate to the strange body changes she went through after giving birth and asked Rachel to make a part two of other symptoms she had experienced.

The mum happily obliged and said she has developed sciatica, a spider vein on her leg, ratty hair she cannot seem to fix, and says that the 'pregnancy brain' effect never really left.

Other mums praised Rachel for highlighting the issues women go through during and after pregnancy and shared their own experiences.

One woman wrote: "No because I’m heated no one told me about the body odor."

"Never had a cavity in my life and postpartum I had like 20." Claimed another mum.

A third user commented: "YES. My teeth are so sensitive now. Even water makes them hurt."

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