Oprah's Favorite Face Mask of 2021 Is Also Jennifer Lopez's Go-To

We bet you've tried a lot of face masks up until this point. There are cloth options, there are disposable ones, there are heavy-duty KN95s, and then there are Oprah-approved ones, which deserve their own category entirely. 

You might not have tried the latter, as this Oprah-approved face mask brand is a little under-the-radar, but you 100 percent should, because, well, when this icon approves of something, let alone calls it her favorite thing of the year — yes, it made it on the list for 2021 — you know it's going to knock your socks off. Oh, and it's going to eliminate one big mask-wearing quarrel: lipstick smears! 

There was only one face mask on Oprah's Favorite Things list this year, and it was from Henry. You've probably seen the mask on celebs before, notably Jennifer Lopez who wears it practically nonstop. It's a hard one to miss thanks to its ultra-structured, origami-like shape that not only looks cool but also serves a functional purpose.

Oprah puts it best: "These washable face masks are made of breathable fabric and have an origami-like shape that doesn't touch your mouth — which means lipstick stays put."

Shop now: $18; amazon.com

The mastermind behind the Oprah-and J.Lo-loved face masks is tailor-to-the-stars Patrick Henry (aka Richfresh) and his brother Chase. They launched the brand in April 2020, but based on the sheer number of fans and how in-demand they've become, you'd think they've been around for years.

Of course, once the masks landed on Oprah's Favorite Things list, they sold out in the blink of an eye, but now they're back, and if you buy them now, you'll get them in time for the holidays. Stocking stuffer, anyone? We think yes.

The Henry face masks have a three-layer design made from a washable, reusable polypropylene that feels soft against the skin. What's more, these masks have more structure than most — while still offering ample protection — thanks to that signature origami-like shape. That means there's adequate space between lips and mask, making for easier lipstick wearing and easier talking. Game changer.

Shop the mask that has Oprah and J.Lo's stamps of approval below, and get ready to wear it nonstop, too.

Shop now: $18; amazon.com

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Shop now: $18; amazon.com

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