Our greedy builder tried to charge us £3.3k for work in our dining room – we did it ourselves for a fraction of the cost

AN INTERIOR design expert has revealed how one greedy builder tried to charge her thousands for the installation of wooden panelling in her home.

Liz, who uploads cleaning and home interior videos to TikTok, explained that she tried to hire a builder to create a grey accent wall in her stylish dining room.

She was left shocked when she was quoted $4.5k (£3.3k) for the work, so decided to take on the job herself with help from her husband.

"When the contractor quotes you $4.5k… you do it yourself for $500 (£365)," she wrote in a video she uploaded.

In the clip, you can see a before and after of the job they completed, with one wall in her dining room having been completely transformed.


Liz revealed that it took her and her husband three days to finish it all.

While what they achieved is impressive, Liz was blasted by commenters online, with one person saying she was a 'typical DIYer complaining about prices'.

"We definitely don't have a problem paying for quality work. The very same contractor completed my entire foyer in eight hours he charged me $2k," Liz said in response.

"The difference is, this was quoted over FaceTime due to Covid. Once he came to my house and saw my house, he got greedy."

Another person commented: "Great job but that cost is his years of skill and his network of best people in their trades. It's not his charity it's his livelihood."

Someone else simply added: "Not valuing people's labour".

There proved to be a divide in the comments, as there was also a variety of people supporting Liz and her decision to turn down the contractor.

"It doesn't take that much labour to do that wall," one person wrote.

"Why are people mad? She did it herself and saved thousands of dollars. Pretty smart and a good financial choice if you ask me," said another.

Another person added: "What blows my mind is people saying 'you didn't value their work'. Any person can see they're trying to scalp you. Doesn't take a pro to do that."

In a follow-up video, Liz explained that she didn't waste the contractors time like some people were suggesting, as she was wanting to hire someone for the work.

She said: "My husband and I never planned on doing this ourselves. We had every intention of hiring someone else to do it."

All debates aside, Liz can rest easy knowing she saved thousands.

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